Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Feminist Wedding: Our Save the Dates

I have finally bounced back from this plague illness I've had for the past two weeks and lucky for you, that means you get to learn a little bit more about our wedding. :-)

When we went through our budget shortly after getting engaged, one of the things that seemed way too high according to our wedding budget estimator was paper. To start, Brett is definitely not a huge fan of paper. He could care less. And while I love to have a nice stack of pink flat note cards in my desk at all times for writing thank you notes and other things, I've never been a huge connoisseur of paper either. Also, I've never cared too much about what the save the dates and the wedding invitations I've received have looked like. After an initial "awww" and maybe a few months stint on our refrigerator, I don't keep them stashed away somewhere as keepsakes. 

We assumed everyone on our guest list would do the same and that our save the dates and invitations would eventually bite the dust (especially the save the dates, which will be replaced by an invitation a few months pre-wedding). And since there is absolutely no reason to spend $3 per person on something that is going to end up in the trash, we made the decision to cut our paper budget way, way down.

To save money, we decided to make the save the dates ourselves. There are a ton of cute free printable templates on the internet, and I spent hours trying to choose between all of the free printable save the dates over at Wedding Chicks. In the end, we chose this one because it was casual, had a vintage feel, and didn't force us to commit to a super-defined color scheme right away. It also had space for us to include a link to our wedding website, allowing us to give guests lots of information without using more paper. All we had to do was insert our photo and information into the template and voila! our save the dates had been "designed." We bought ecru paper from Paper Source, printed them on our printer, and cut them out while watching Downton Abbey episodes (tip: getting a paper cutter is SO MUCH BETTER! I resisted and tried to cut with scissors for awhile, but once I got my hands on a paper cutter, cutting the save the dates went much faster and looked much better).

Photo Source: Wedding Chicks
Besides printing them ourselves, we were able to save money by going with a postcard style save the date. We were able to fit 3 postcards onto a single 8x11 piece of paper (and thus, did not have to buy too much paper). We also got to skip envelopes (less money and better for the environment) and got to buy the reduced-price postcard stamps. It seems like only a small difference, but in the end it ended saving us around $60 in postage. Postcards for the win!

In total, we spent $15 on our save the dates and about $20 on postage, a huge difference from when we first started looking at save the dates and thought we might have to spend $200-$300 plus postage. Spending less on these has freed up space in our budget for prettier invitations and a few other special things that hopefully guests will enjoy more than their save the dates.

And if you're still looking for save the dates, the ladies over at Wedding Chicks have recently added two absolutely adorable save the dates that I wish I had an excuse to use:

Photo Source: Wedding Chicks

Photo Source: Wedding Chicks

P.S. I didn't include a photo of our real save the date because by the time I blacked out the date and our address and our wedding website, it did not look super cute. You'll just have to imagine it!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Motivation

I'm skipping the usual Monday Motivation quote and posting Beyonce's Super Bowl halftime show instead, because what can be more motivational than a Destiny's Child reunion? 

P.S. I was tweeting about some of the Super Bowl commercials over on twitter, if you'd like to see.