Friday, November 2, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

I was planning on doing a post with some links for weekend reading, but today I can't quite get my mind off of those affected by Hurricane Sandy. If you'd like to help, this link has a list of places you can donate.

The line for the "bus bridge" from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Photo Source: Gothamist

Photo Source: The Boston Globe
Photo Source: LA Times 
Flooded subway station. Photo Source: MTA's Flickr Stream 

And don't forget about our furry friends! Shelters in New York City allow animals, but many are in desperate need of food and supplies to help care for them. Additionally, many pets were left behind when families evacuated, and animal water-rescue teams are being deployed to try and rescue those left behind. If you'd like to help, the ASPCA or Humane Society are great organizations to donate to, and you can do so here and here

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