Saturday, August 4, 2012

Gabby Douglas!

This article by the Crunk Feminist Collective sums up everything I thought while watching NBC's coverage of women's gymnastics and Gabby Douglas's gold medal win.

Congrats Gabby! You were amazing and deserved much more recognition.



  1. Good to have you back Shannon!

    I missed the airing (so disappointing, but the TV schedule totally confuses me!). What a disgrace, and not-so-subtle.

    The jump in that picture is amazing.

  2. I watched it online a few days after she won. all the way!

  3. I respectfully disagree with you re the TV coverage of Abby. We watched all of the women's gymnastics on NBC, and I think it was just a case of her being the new kid on the block. Can't remember hearing much about the 2 other gymnasts at all...the TV focused on Abby, Jordan and Ally. AS a matter of fact, I was thinking they gave Gabby quite a bit of coverage; they did a special piece all about her..I don't remember hearing anything about the other families. On the podium, she got a little lost since she is so tiny, and she stood behind one of the girls. She is a humble youngster who was content on being on the podium, and not concerned with the photographers. She was amazing! What is appalling is the web chatter re her hair! Unbelievable! She is a beautiful, talented, disciplined, strong, smiling, grounded 16 year old GOLD MEDALIST...not a hair model.

  4. You are nuts. That article sucked.

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