Saturday, July 14, 2012

Weekend Links

Disney princesses from least to most feminist. Possibly my favorite thing about this whole article is its reiteration of the fact that what girls take away from Aladdin is that their power is their sexuality. I remember watching Aladdin and thinking it was the absolute coolest that Jasmine seduced Jafar to save her and Aladdin's life. Not a good message Disney!

How the Church teaches people to pray through, not leave, abusive relationships

I got an amazing new job! And for a few minutes, wallowed in self-pity that I wasn't going to be able to sit around and freelance. Then, I took a shower and told myself to stop being ridiculous a la Taylor Cotter. I'm glad that so many responses to the Huffington Post piece came out this week and helped me, to borrow a common Wellesley phrase, "Check my privilege." This one by Dianna Anderson and this one on Feministe are my favorites.

PhD in Parenting has a great piece on keeping your kids safe around water

This photo from The Sociological Cinema files painfully reminds me of the exploitation of African American women under slavery, but also of the potentially deep bond between this woman and the baby she is breastfeeding. And while wet nurses are largely a thing of the past in the US, it also reminds me of the bonds between babysitters/nannies and the children they care for. Blue Milk has a link to a great piece in the NYT by Mona Simpson about photographs, nannies, and the relationships between paid caregivers and children.

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  1. Great links Shannon! What I find interesting about all the articles in response to Cotter is the desire many people seem to have to simultaneously have what we want (financial security, freedom), and to struggle. What I find frustrating about the Cotter piece is that there's not reason why the steady, secure 9-5 life has to be boring smooth-sailing. No matter how much privilege some of us have, we can still find ways to struggle at our jobs, strive for excellence, and maybe even try to make the world better for... OTHER PEOPLE! I agree that life gets depressing and unfulfilling when we seem to "have it all." I've felt like that at times, but then realized that is was really because I was making my life all about ME! Privileged people especially have the obligation to serve others and use these advantages to help build a better world, and there is nothing easy or boring about that.

    Congrats on your awesome job that will help the world!!!