Thursday, February 16, 2012

Planned Parenthood Tries to Get Kids Hooked On Sex

This hilarious video, spotted on Jezebel, lets us all see how terrible Planned Parenthood really is.

I'm sure you'll all be as shocked as I was to learn that Planned Parenthood shows teenagers actual pictures of genitalia in their sex ed. Or that they describe what an orgasm is, and say that all sexual orientations are perfectly normal. They even teach about dental dams! Ah, the horror.

I'm really glad the American Life League made such an educational video, because we all know that kids shouldn't know what genitalia look like. That is like showing them pornography. And we know that kids shouldn't have positive body messages. They should be ashamed of their sexuality. Women, especially, should feel bad about the lust their bodies inspire in men, and not enjoy their sexuality. We absolutely shouldn't teach kids that sex can be fun and pleasureful, because it is strictly about making babies.

In fact, teenagers shouldn't know anything about sex except that it is bad and dangerous. Otherwise, they might be tempted to do it. So skip sex ed! They can learn all about it on their wedding night.

And if the government forces us to corrupt our teens with some form of sex education, it should look more like this, without the demonic condoms passed out at the end.

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