Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day isn't one of my favorite holidays. After the fun of Christmas and winter vacations, it seems kind of forced, cheap, and dominated by consumerism. I mean, I love pink more than most, but even I almost turned and ran when I walked into CVS on Sunday and was greeted by a ridiculous sea of pink and red hearts and balloons.

SCARY! Source: Sociological Images

That being said, I do celebrate Valentine's Day. It never hurts to take some time and celebrate love, right?! As long as you show your significant other that you love them every day of the year, and not just on this random day in February.

So how does a feminist celebrate Valentine's Day while still staying true to her principles? 

1. Make a gift - don't buy one!
2. Stay in and try out a new recipe.
3. Do something fun together.

Make a gift!  My boyfriend and I have never bought each other Valentine's Day gifts. Every year, I make him his favorite dessert, a cheesecake with some kind of fruit topping. And every year he has made me some amazingly thoughtful gift. One year, he made a comic book about me, another time he wrote me a poem. These gifts mean the world to me because he put so much thought, time, and effort into them. Something purchased just wouldn't be the same! And making something that expresses both who you are and your love for someone special has to be a feminist act. As a bonus, these things usually cost a lot less than buying something, which is great if money is tight or if you just want more money to go to the important stuff, like paying off your student loans faster or donating to charity.

Recipe here!

Stay in and try out a new recipe. This year, B and I are staying in and trying our hand at gourmet grilled cheeses. I'm so excited! Cooking together is one of my favorite things to do as a couple, and I can't wait to eat some fancy cheese and drink wine together. Eating at a restaurant on Valentine's Day can be expensive, and I always find the experience kind of awkward because every person around you is a couple trying to make the dinner the most romantic experience of the year. And eating in saves you time and money!

Do something fun together. Last year, B and I celebrated Valentine's Day with a weekend trip to DC and spent the day at the Natural History Museum. Another year we went to a Laker's game, and another year to an opera. They might be unusual Valentine's Day dates, but they were something special for us to do together. We had a blast and created new, fun memories. That is much more romantic than any Hallmark card or box of chocolates purchased from CVS. Doing something together shows the other person that you truly care about them and your relationship, not just about the gifts. I think it is important to resist the idea that buying something for someone means caring for someone. I can show that I love someone without using my Visa, thank you very much capitalism!

This is the world's cleverest valentine. Created by yours truly!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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  1. I find it very heart-warming that young people like you favor the simple things in life. Sometimes it takes people their entire life to realize these are the things that matter most. That B person is quite the romantic. I wonder where he gets it from; most likely his mother. Anyway you take care of that B person because it sounds like you two are a match made in Connecticut.