Sunday, February 12, 2012

Blog Sale!

The other day, I went to stuff a sweater in my closet and the hanger actually broke - snapped in two! - as I tried to squeeze it in between two other sweaters.

That, my friends, is a sign that I have too much clothing.

In this recent post, I wrote about how I wanted to learn to live simply. And for me, a huge part of that is getting rid of clothing. I love clothes! But I have too much and I hate going near my closet when it is crammed full of stuff, especially when I no longer wear lots of it. I hate clutter, and I'm an all-or-nothing person when it comes to organizing. Its either free from unwanted clothing, color-coordinated, on matching hangars and amazing, or I just leave all my clothes on the floor and stuffed in a corner until B curses at the piles and forces me to face the cluttered closet.

On top of my own issues, I feel that it is wasteful to hoard clothing that I don't wear. I'd much rather see it being used by someone than sitting on my shelf month after month, year after year. There are too many people in the world who need shoes for me to have two pairs of loafers hiding in the back of my closet.

So this week I went through my shoes and picked some to get rid of. I hope that some of you, dear readers, might find them useful and affordable purchases. If we're all working on having less in our closets, devoting less of our budgets toward clothing, and buying second-hand, then this little blog sale can help us all get there!

How it works: I've posted photos and descriptions of the items below. Please feel free to email me at with any questions about an item or to let me know if you want to buy something. None of the prices include shipping.

Happy shopping!

Anne Klein Loafers
Size 6
Black with gold AK logo 
Purchased for $40
Worn only once
Selling for $5

J.Crew Rain Boots
Size 7
Pink with white scottie dog motif
Worn but in good condition
Purchased for $60
Selling for $10

Born boots
Size 7
Worn but in good condition
There are some water spots on the leather but I don't think it compromises the look of the book
Lined with shearling
These boots are incredibly comfortable and well-made, Born boots are amazing - I just have way too many pairs of brown boots
Purchased for $250
Selling for $25

Black Knee High Miu Miu Boots
Size 96
Very Dark Brown/Black Boots Lined with Shearling
Can be worn folded down to show the lining or unfolded for an over-the-knee look
Side Buckle Detail
Inside Zip Closure
The heels are scuffed and peeling, which you can see in the second to last picture
When you're wearing them you can barely see this (I tried to show this in the last picture)
Original Price: $900*
Selling for $75

Please do send me an email if you have any questions. If you didn't find what you're looking for, I'll be posting more clothing next weekend once I've gone through all my winter clothes.

*Just a little note: These boots were a gift. I did not pay the $900 for them myself. :-)

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