Friday, November 4, 2011

Love Chooses Us

I was touched by this article on relationships, and how "love chooses us."

This paragraph, in particular, struck a chord in me:
Maybe that’s why I clung to him in that particularly embarrassing way that young girls sometimes do, why I wanted so much for things to work out. Why I let myself turn into someone I didn’t really like when I was around him. Why I was willing to forgive his arriving hours late on the night he met my parents at a restaurant in New York. 
I think most young girls turn into someone they don't like for a boy, at least once. And yet, it is precisely that experience that makes many a girl say, "never again," and refuse to change for the next one; to stand firm in who she is.

And, like in this author's case, refusing to be something you're not - someone you're not - is often what helps you find "the one."


  1. OMGosh, I posted this to Facebook before I even saw this. I agree--totally beautiful, and comforting... now Lucas will have to read it. BTW, I made him watch the sweet natural birthing video and he loved it!! --Bex

  2. I'm glad we like the same things! I came home from T and G's and climbed into bed with B and was like, "Do you want to watch some awesome home birthing videos??!?!?!" He, of course, was reading something in a language that resembles chicken scratch and was not amused. I made him watch it anyway, and the next day I caught him re-watching the Kardashian birth. So I think he secretly loves them. I'm glad Lucas likes them. That way, you know he'll be willing to climb into a tub full of after birth with you. :-)

  3. When will everyone learn...young and old...that the only way to a successful long term relationship is to truly be yourself from the start! That way, the person he/she is attracted to is the real you. Let's face it, you can only go on pretending for so long! But all to often we (including me) morph into what we think the person we are crazy about would like us to be. We try to become who he/she wants us to be. So silly! Right?