Friday, November 4, 2011

Don't worry! She's not a feminist or anything!

I randomly came across this article today (don't ask).

The author bemoans the fact that there are so many single Christian women who want to get married:
Go to almost any church and you’ll meet mature, intelligent, attractive Christian women who want to get married and virtually no men to pursue them. These women are often in graduate programs and may have started a career already. But they aren’t feminists. They are eager to embrace the roles of wife and mother. Most of the women I’ve met don’t object to the being a helpmate. There just doesn’t seem to be a lot of mates to go around (emphasis mine).
Ugh! He is seriously using "they aren't feminists" as a way to clarify that there isn't something "wrong" with these women.

I hate it, because it essentially says, "Don't worry, she has no self-worth, she doesn't actually think she is your equal."

In fact, that is precisely what they mean. If you understand the author's theology, you know that women aren't supposed to think they're men's equals. Thinking such a thing means there is something wrong with them, that they're not good wife material.

And any such ideology that so blatantly proclaims women's inferiority is, my friends, fucked up.*

*pardon my language, this type of theology really gets me mad!
*Sometime soon, I will write a much more articulate post on why this kind of theology is harmful to women. 

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  1. Yes. uggh.

    It's as if that article should end with phone numbers and "for a good time, call" -- the most troubling is that this kind of religious girl-bashing is framed as if it is correcting men -- where are all the guys? com to church you lazy slobs! because look -- there are tons of marry-able women waiting to help you.